Mr Green Casino unveils new app for UK customers

Online casinos have finally realized that they are in the middle of a revolution that promises to change the landscape in mrgreencasino250xthis industry.

Mr Green Casino has been among the first innovators and they took they are genuinely concerned about enhancing the user experience for those who play on mobile devices.

In order to make it easier and more pleasant to play on smartphones and tablets, they have unveiled a brand-new app that is for the time being dedicated to UK customers.

New and existing players are encouraged to set up a new account or use their Facebook, to log into this application. It goes without saying that they still need to have an account with Mr Green Casino to wager on real money, but they can get online using any device. Not so long ago, they also acquired Social Thrills, a company that proudly offers a set of casino games on Facebook.

Over the last couple of months, the two parties have worked together to develop a brand dedicated to smartphones, aimed at simplifying the mission of UK residents. Mikael Pawlo, CEO of Mr Green & Co was thrilled with the results and had no hesitations in making some comments in the wake of the app release “For us, being one of a handful of gaming companies to offer real-money gaming in the UK market with a Facebook log-in represents a seal of quality”.

It is increasingly difficult to stay afloat in this industry and with the number of online casinos being on the rise, they have a hard time attracting customers.

Mr Green has its loyal customer base, but as they try to expand it, they contemplate all possible options and never ignore lucrative opportunities, such as the one provided by Facebook “We are highly satisfied with our presence on Facebook with Spin Tower Casino. It has given us a deep understanding of player behaviour on this platform.”

Casino officials and members who were interviewed on this matter, are all optimistic about the impact of the brand-new app. UK residents will get to enjoy the advantages of using the application to play mobile casino games and link their account with their Facebook.

This new distribution channel is widely regarded as having some strategic importance and will probably impact the earnings in 2015.

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