Dublinbet dares you to be a Werewolf hunter by night

There is always a challenge waiting for those who sign up for real money account with Dublinbet Casino. This December, Printthe online casino is encouraging players to bolster their motivation and courage, to take on a formidable foe from the netherworld.

The newly introduced slot machine is revolving around the popular theme of vampires and werewolves, with the action unfolding one and a half centuries ago.

The slot machine is populated by mythical symbols and creatures, but the gloomy atmosphere shouldn’t have a deterring effect on players. You won’t get the feeling of impending doom when you play this game, but instead he will be entertained and excited to see what the reels will unveil.

There werewolf is waiting and when you need it, the outcome is far less dangerous than you would suspect, as players are showered with prizes and free spins.


The premise of this videogame is truly original and players are invited to explore a dark universe, while following an intriguing storyline. Dublinbet Casino will reward those who track down the werewolf and bring his killing spree to a screeching halt and the prizes are spectacular.

In between, there are scatter and wild symbols that will keep you going by providing the free spins and enhanced paychecks you need to reinforce your worn-out bankroll.

The free spins have the particularity of being reach regrettable, which means that you will have the chance to play for free far longer than you usually do.

The blood wilds are the ones you should be looking for, as they trigger not only more free spins but also multipliers. Your profits can be increased up to five times, so the more you wager, the more money you will be eligible to win.