Dhoze receives local license in the UK

Dhoze is one of the most respected Portuguese operators, with thousands of dedicated customers that enjoy an entire spectrum of gambling products.dhoze

Sports betting and poker represent two of the new directions in which the company is trying to expand, but the online casino is the cornerstone of their venture.

Not surprisingly, many of their players have experienced the thrills of all genres, thanks to the unified wallet which allows them to transfer funds easily and commission free.

In an attempt of conquering new frontiers and expanding the customer base, the online gambling operator apply for a local licensing United Kingdom. This is the best time to make the step, which is actually a giant leap forward given the fact that the UK market is the biggest in Europe.

Tapping into the immense potential of such an environment has attracted many online casinos, but the recently introduced fees and boosted commissions had a deterring effect on many prospective groups.

Dhoze was not intimidated by the sheer numbers and after performing all the necessary steps, it finally received a gaming license. Now that this important milestone has been reached, they are yet to decide whether they will start a new project from scratch or make adjustments to the existing website. The common saying states that when something works you shouldn’t try to fix it and with their online casino being so popular in Portugal, it makes perfect sense to import most of the core concepts.

The CEO and president of Dhoze was the first to announce the important success recorded by the company he represents. For them, it means a great deal that they were granted the license necessary for operating in the United Kingdom and are ready to start investing massively in their new project.

This is not the end of the road, because there are plenty of other European markets that are currently in the process of regulating the business.
If the UK expansion proves to be the success that their representatives are counting on, it is only a matter of time until they will attempt something similar elsewhere.

The license became effective in April and Dhoze has already launched a couple of advertising promotions aimed at drawing attention about this achievement.

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