Casumo and Ihre Consulting take on the German market

The thing that everyone is talking about in the world of online gambling companies is whether it is worth staying in the United Kingdom or relocate. The reason for why so many casinos are leaving the British islands is that the new taxes are regarded as crushing and a real danger for the profit margin. It is never easy to forsake a market that has tremendous potential, but sometimes it is better to cut losses and move on. Casumo is not the kind of casino to give up without a fight and has a keen eye for the UK players.
While it contemplates ways of expanding its presence here, the online casino is interested in conquering the German market. There are millions of potential customers here and they are only waiting for a sign that someone is ready to improve their gaming experience. This doesn’t mean that there is no competition, quite the opposite and their opponents have established a dominant position here, so they are unlikely to leave anytime soon.
Casumo has a very interesting business model and an online casino that is truly original, so they have a decent chance at prevailing despite crushing odds. In order to maximize their chances of winning over the German audience, they decided to shake hands with a company that has an impressive track record. Ihre Consulting has already helped many online casinos overcome obstacles in difficult markets and they know exactly what can be done to help this particular operator. Play on sky vegas here :

They have the advantage of working with someone that understands the importance of innovating, even when things are going according to the plan. Those who open an account with Casumo are impressed by how different this casino is and the system they use is immersive to say the least. They’ve got the ingredients for success and they came a long way since opening their games to Scandinavian players.
Ihre Consulting is going to help them expand to both United Kingdom and Germany and both ventures will need a special approach. They are already one of the fastest online casino operators in the old continent and have an approach that is different from what other competitors have to offer. Licensed and regulated in Malta, it is focusing mostly on the Scandinavian countries but is now adjusting its website to suit those who speak German and English.
The TV advertising campaigns are also extremely effective at winning players over and a brand-new series has been announced. It is aimed at the German market and with the assistance of Edward Ihre and his company, it should meet and exceed expectations.