Casino Games adds the online sharing feature

When people step into a brick-and-mortar casino, they know from the very beginning that the house on bet365 is the one to beat, but they also get the chance to compete rivalgamingagainst other players.

Different games with sunmaker provide them with this option, but even if they focus exclusively on beating the house, they still interact with their peers.

The social nature of gambling is one of the reasons for why it is so popular worldwide, something that online casinos couldn’t offer until recently.
Casino Games has been among the first to develop programs that allow their members to interact on multiple levels and they recently set another milestone.

Their social network expands at an accelerated pace and in partnership with Rival gaming, they have introduced the celebrated « Sharing the Excitement » feature. Just as the name suggests, this function created by the software developer will allow players to connect with other players and brag about their victories while commiserating in defeat.
For the time being, members will have to accept the fact that the feature is not available in real time, but the news can spread quickly nevertheless.

The system is extremely simple, with players taking screenshots of those relevant moments and these will be stored automatically by the online casino.

This means that the images will be always available and players can share them with their group of friends, not to mention that the screenshots can be rated and comments can be made.
Share the Excitement feature is available at Casino Games but also other online casinos powered by Rival gaming, which means that players can send the images over the entire network.

Furthermore, it is possible to share these images with your friends even if they don’t have an account with any online casino, because the link can be pasted as a URL. The same goes for emails and instant messages, so telling your friends about your gambling activities is easier than ever before.

The possibility of embedding the image and adding a comment, will also help players convey the message, as they can be published anywhere on the Internet. There are no compromises to be made in terms of image quality, because these screenshots will not be altered regardless of how players choose to share it.

Casino Games expects members to jump on the bandwagon right away and start using the Share the Excitement feature to let friends know about how their online gambling goes.