Bgo Casino promotes its virtual currency

Online casinos are instinctively trying to convince players to deposit funds, because this is what their businesses founded on.

Bgo Casino allows a great deal of freedom to its members, providing them with the option of playing for real cash or spin the reels of slot machines for free.

Play money can only carry them that far and in order to enjoy the true adrenaline rush of casino games, players need to have a stake.

Bgo Casino provides them with the ultimate combination, as it promotes its virtual currency, which goes by the name of Twists. It was also the term that inspired the online casino and it can be used to place bets on any of the games. Newcomers are provided with this currency for free in small amounts, in the form of a welcome bonus, so they have enough time to get familiar with the setting.


Many of the games available offer excellent winning combinations, so it is refreshing to know that twists are convertible into real cash.
This is where the virtual currency shows its merits, as players can easily convert their twists into money currency when they want to participate in a tournament hosted by the online casino. The same goes for those who are ready to cash out their profits and want to make a real money transfer to their credit cards or bank account.

This is a two-way street, as Bgo Casino has greatly simplify the deposit and withdrawal process, to accept most of the popular payment methods.
When players are ready to make the transition to real money gambling, they fund their account with real cash and then convert the amount into twists. One thing that is not possible is to exchange play money for real currency, so players need to make up their mind right from the start.

The online casino has built its entire business on the idea of providing players with a secure environment for playing their favorite games, without jeopardizing their bankrolls.


That’s why Bgo Casino is allowed to operate freely all over the world, and attract casino fans from all walks of life. The selection of games is very similar to what other casinos can brag about, so those who choose them over their counterparts are not going to make any compromises.